GTA Vice City – Enter a City Filled with Action

When you talk about open world and action games, you can’t count out the Grand Theft Auto series. The series that’s considered one of the best selling of all time and the most popular brings you GTA Vice City. Even if this game was released for almost 2 decades now, its still relevant to this day.

A lot of gamers have heard about GTA V since it was the most recently released game from the series. But in this post, we’re going to talk about the vintage game that lit the world up when it was released. GTA Vice City is a classic open world game filled with surprises that you won’t expect. In this action and story-driven game, you’re going to play as a gangster who is going to revenge his jail time. Prepare for some epic action scenes!


A Classic Action Game

In the action open world genre, we usually get a lot of games right now. But before GTA, there were no game which could hold the top spot quite like it does today. GTA Vice City is a classic and vintage game far from what we’re used to seeing. Instead of a modern city, Rockstar brought back the 1980s and created the fictional city of Vice as a homage to Miami.

Because of this, you’re going to be seeing a lot of purple in this vintage game. But more than that, you’re playing as Tommy Vercetti, set in a world of revenge. There will be a lot of people you’re going to meet including antagonists that you’ve crossed paths before. Because of that, there are going to be a lot of blood spilled, money and drugs involved and a whole lot of adrenaline-pumping action across the city of Vice.

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In terms of gameplay, it’s not much different to its predecessors but the game introduced a more realistic visual at the time. Plus, the huge world of Vice meant that there were a lot of hidden easter eggs waiting to be discovered. So, if you’re not completing missions, you can drive around the city and try to look for things that might be worth your while. Overall, you will enjoy the game filled with interesting dialogues and storyline.

Features of GTA Vice City

We’re always drawn in on action no matter what we do. When there’s a fight across the pub or when there’s a couple arguing, we can’t help but notice it. In GTA Vice City, there are a lot of action sequences for you. Here are the features of this amazing game.


Story-driven game – Even though most players are suckers for action scenes, it wouldn’t make sense for it to happen without any context. Basically, it means that we won’t appreciate people blowing stuff up or people suddenly fighting without any reasons at all. This is why game developers try to incorporate story even to this day in most games. Although this isn’t the case with battle royale games, for action games such as GTA Vice City – this is completely necessary. So, in this game, there are gangsters, violence, revenge, drugs and empires involved. Because of this, you’re going to be seeing a lot of PG-13 content that’s enough to make you addicted to the game. You’re going to be fighting essentially the whole city as you make your way to the top.

Interesting characters – In this game, the protagonist is Tommy Vercetti which is the character you’re going to be playing as. Tommy was once part of the esteemed Forelli Crime Family. But after being set up and spending 15 years in prison, Tommy is in a quest for vengeance. But almost all the gangs in the city wants you dead so the only thing you can do is climb at the top of the food chain. Along the way, you’ll meet powerful enemies and allies that will influence your life one way or another. There are so many beautiful scenes that you can’t miss here which tells a story.

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Complete intense missions – In this game, you can’t progress unless you finish each mission. Each mission has a degree of difficulty to it and you’ll start off with the easiest. Naturally as you progress, you’ll face tougher and tricker situations that need your expertise. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with money for every completed mission that you can use to buy food, go to the barbershop and change your fashion style.

Delve into a deep world – The world of Vice is based on the real world of Miami. Some events and people were also based off of real people and scenes back in the 80s. Because of this, you’ll feel a lot of realism as you drive through the city and explore hidden places. Enter bars, restaurants and a ton of other places when you’re not in missions. There are also side missions for you to do!

Great graphics – The graphics of this game is slightly better than the one before it. The game has won many great awards throughout the years and rightfully so. Because of its extraordinary graphics, it’s still relevant to this day and still played by millions of people.


A great selection of vehicles – If you’re a car guy, you’ll appreciate the variety of vehicles in GTA Vice City. From vintage big bikes to helicopters, there’s a lot to choose from here. Although you could save up some money to buy a supercar, you can just hijack one from the street which would be way more fun.

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Download and Price of GTA Vice City

For iOS ($4.99) -

For PC ($6.38) -

For Android ($3.58) -

For PS4 ($14.99) -


If you only have one game to play today, choose GTA Vice City. This game has spawned a whole generation of 3D open world games that gives a lot of action scenes. Finish all the missions or explore the big world of Vice!


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